Taking pictures

Pictures of trees and forests, with sometimes architectural views. Mainly analog. Black and white, and color, but slides prices are sky-rocketing. A few pictures, the turnaround time is not very fast. Developing and scanning is quite a long process.

A bit of medium format (6x6 cm) but mostly large format (4x5 inches). I wish I could shoot in 11x14 inches, to get truly readable contact prints.

It’s not about the number of picture, but more about building the right one: visualization, framing. Fine-tuning. Check. Metering the light, and shoot.

It’s also about walking in the forests, getting out off tracks. Observe. Immerse.

Large format

The view camera is currently my best option for the kind of photography I want to produce. Using a view camera implies to prepare the picture while the camera is still in the bag. It means than sometimes no picture is shoot. The view camera requires dedication and focus (no pun intended) of the photographer, good pictures cannot be taken by chance.


Here are two photographers who, at the moment, inspire my experience of photography.

A Japanese photographer, Nobuyuki Kobayashi is shooting forest and trees, and producing beautiful platinum-palladium prints. (his official website, built with flash : http://zenne-inc.com/ )

Living in southwest US, Kate Breakey creates (among other things) some orotones: transparent prints on glass, with a golden leaf for background. The way the light reflect on the print, and change the perception of the picture, and draw the eye to this transforming image, is quite stunning.


I built this website to share some pictures, and to satisfy my geek side. Built using Hugo, with the Academic theme, slightly modified to match my needs.

Thanks for reading.