Romanche valley, print

valley, Bergger, tea.

Romanche valley, far end of the lake Chambon. Ilford Delta 100 4x5. Cyanotype print, toned with tea, on Bergger COT 160 paper.

After some experiments with the cyanotype print, (for instance Cyanotype NDB), I’m venturing in the toning world - trying to get something else tha a blue print. Green tea (brewed with long leaves thea, light, grass-flavored) provides a pinkish toning that I dislike. Some basic English Breakfast tea, brewed extra-strong, yields a brown-colored print, almost bronze under some lighting.

Size: 18x24cm (paper), 4x5 inch (picture).

Good to note:

  • with a very strong tea, the print spent a few hours immersed;
  • the global density is increasing, I should aim for a lighter initial print.

Yet another test, to be continued…